A Visit with Illustrator,

Leeza Hernandez

May 19, 2008 was a very exciting day for the children in 1-A.  We finally had the opportunity to meet our friend, Leeza Hernandez. 

The pictures below will give you just a peek at some of the fun we had.

Leeza began by telling us a little about how the process involved in coming up with ideas for a book, and then showed us a "dummy" for her book about crazy zoo animals.

She put on some special props as she told the story to us, and we wore the masks she designed and we colored  for this special day.

We knew we would have fun when Leeza tried to make a shadow puppet.

Then she showed us how these characters came alive in her book, by drawing them for us. 


We even had a chance to become involved in the process. 

We then had a chance to ask questions.

We were so happy when Leeza said she would stay for lunch, and showed us some of her other pictures.

After lunch she also read us her new story, Tooth Fairy Tim.

We loved giving her our ideas about how this character would look.

We loved the character Leeza drew and we certainly had a fun time watching her create this most unusual character.


We were sad when Leeza had to leave, but were happy we could give her some small gifts to remember our class.

We even made our own zany zoo creatures for her to take home.

This is one day in first grade our class will never forget.