Dr. Mary Manz Simon

May 5, 2008 was a very exciting day for the first grade as we finally got to meet our far away friend, Dr. Mary Manz Simon.  We learned so many different things about being an author, how books are made, and about many interesting places she has visited. 
Best of all we learned so much about listening to the plan God has for us, and following that plan even though it means hard work on our part.

We were so excited to finally meet this wonderful author who has been an important part of our first grade class for so many years.


We learn about the different changes books go through before they are actually the books we see on the store shelves.



Dr Simon's books appear in many different languages all around the world.



Excited about the books we receive!


We loved when Dr. Simon read her big book to us, and had us read along!


Dr. Simon has also created movie and study guides for many of our favorite movies.

We learned so much from her visit, as we asked so many questions.



Getting our books autographed.





To find out more about this wonderful author and woman, please visit her website at: http://marymanzsimon.com