I hope you and your children have had a wonderful summer and anxious to start a very busy year in first grade.

(This is a graphic provided by illustrator Gary Harbo )

First grade is a very exciting year as we learn to read.  This is a very hands-on and project- oriented year, since I have found this is the most effective way for children to learn and become excited enough to want to share what they learned with others. So be prepared!

Dear Parents,

     I want to begin by thanking your for choosing to send your child to Our Lady of Lourdes.   I am looking forward to a wonderful year in first grade with your child.  Because our back to school night is not scheduled until September 18th ,  I wanted to be sure to give you an opportunity to have any questions or concerns addressed before then.

    If you would like to visit our classroom or talk to me before then, you are welcome to visit the first grade classroom immediately after dismissal of all bus students on Wednesday, August 29th.   On the night of the official open house I will also have the room open by 6:00 in the evening, if you would like to talk to me individually or look around before the opening of the PTO meeting.

   Please do not hesitate to email me with any questions or concerns that you might have.  My email address is  

Here is a list of supplies your child will need.

           3 - #2 sharpened pencils.   Please do not purchase the decorated pencils.  These are  usually wrapped with paper and have a tendency to jam up the sharpener.

           2 –  eraser caps or erasers

           2 – folders

           1 – large glue stick

           1  -  zippered pencil case     (no pencil boxes)

           1 – box of 8 count, 16 count, or 24 count crayons

     Please note that the children are not permitted to have scissors in their possession.  I will supply the children with scissors.  Fiskar scissors will be supplied for the children.

    Please do not send in markers, binders, pencil boxes, spiral notebooks etc.  as the children do not have room in their desks for these.

     Please cover all copybooks and workbooks with clear contact paper as soon as possible.  Do not cover the watch me read books, or anthologies. 

    The children will need to purchase copybooks for the year.  These must be purchased in school, so I am asking that you send in $10.00 by the end of September to cover the cost of these notebooks.  If this is a hardship, please let me know.

    Please send in a box of tissues and a container of baby wipes as well as a roll of paper towels.  Disinfectant cleaners are always appreciated if you see a good buy on these things.

    The children are permitted one small nutritious snack a day.    Please do not send in drinks.

     I do maintain a class website where you can see what we are doing in our classroom, and where you can view many of the children’s projects.  I will also try to provide links to educational websites that I think may benefit your child.  The web address is:

  Additional Reminders

While I realize that illness does occur please do not keep you children home when it is not necessary.