Our Email Project

Here we are modeling the t-shirts sent to us by our new illustrator friend, Shelley Dietrichs.

It felt like it was Christmas a few months early!

You can visit Shelley's web site and find out more about her and some of the other products she produces like we did ,by clicking on the link below.


Our project is very successful thus far.  We have now heard from 580  authors and illustrators.  We have received emails from Argentina, Australia, Columbia, Puerto Rico, Japan, England, Turkey, Hong Kong and the Netherlands.  Our new author and illustrator friends have been helping us with our " Christmas Around the World " project by telling us about their personal Christmas traditions, or those traditions practiced in the country in which they live.

Be sure to check out the website of Anita Daher. She gave our class a special welcome on her homepage.  Thanks Anita!

We are using a journal sent to us by one of our new illustrator friends to list all the new information we are learning from this project

Be sure to check out the website of Paige Keiser. at:http://www.paigekeiser.com

 We have just received  4 Spanish books from Nora Hilb, our new illustrator friend from Argentina .  These should help us improve in our Spanish lessons from Sister Maureen.    

You can find our more about Nora Hilb by visiting her web page at http://www.norahilb.com.ar/

 We have also learned a great deal about Pelicans, our environment, and some history of Florida from our author and illustrator friends Hugh and Frances Keiser, and their character Pelican Pete.  Be sure to check our their website at:  http://www.PelicanPete.com

Be sure to follow this link to Mindy Goldberg's home page.  She has our class pictured on the main page with a special hello!  There's also a wonderful coloring page of a mermaid available to print out.  Thanks Mindy! http://www.mindygoldberg.com

Here we are with the books Debbie Atwood sent. We had a wonderful time looking for all the biblical references in the illustrations.

Some of our classmates are waiting to have a book autographed by Edward Allan Faine author, of the "Little Ned" Stories.  We really enjoyed learning how books are made.

Keep watching this page for new updates and additional links.

Additional Author and Illustrator Links

 Mary Elizabeth Anderson- Don't miss the web page of this wonderful author.  She sent us her coloring books: "Ever Wonder What To Do? "We are learning some very important lessons as we work through the books. http://www.meanderson.com

Kristin Mallory - Be sure to visit the children's pages of this illustrator. http://www.artisgood.com

Karen Carr - Check out the website of this author and illustrator of Dinosaur books.  She even added a special web page greeting just for our class. http://karencarr.com/MrsMajor.html

Susan Faith - http://purplepeople.com

Gavin Coates - His books provide a wonderful message about our role to take care of our earth. He sent us books all the way from Hong Kong. http://www.earthy.com.hk/index.html

Aytul Akal  - Visit the website of our new friend from Turkey.  She has certainly helped us have magical hats like her character in the book "The Teacher's Magical Hat. http://www.aytulakal.com/

Dwight Kuhn- Visit the website of this award winning nature photographer. http://www.kuhnphoto.com

Keep watching for more links to be added.