2005-2006 Email Project


This year's email project is underway.  We have received  over 250 responses  including authors and illustrators from 16 states as well as from England,  Australia, France, Holland, Austria,  Norway, Portugal, Israel, and Tasmania.

In addition to asking the authors and illustrators we contact to tell us their favorite children's book, we are asking them to tell us something about the place where they live in the hope to expand our knowledge of geography.

We will list below some of the books that have been nominated as favorites, which we have had a chance to read.

1. Curious George Goes Camping by: Margaret and H. A. Reys

2. Where the Wild Things Are by: Maurice Sendak

3. The Snowy Day: by; Ezra Jack Keats

4.  Frog and Toad by: Arnold Lobel

5. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs by: Judy Barrett

6. A Chair for My Mother by: Vera B Williams

7. Two Bad Ants by: Chris Van Allsberg

8.  Curious George Goes Camping by: Margaret and H.A. Reys

9.  The Stinky Cheese Man  by: J.Scieszka, and illustrated by Lane Smith 

10.  Ferdinand by: Munroe Leaf

11.  One Monster After Another by: Mercer Mayer

12.  The True Story of the Three Little Pigs by: J Scieszka, and illustrated by: Lane Smith

13. Mr. Rabbit and the Lovely Present by: Charlotte Zolotow

14. The Giving Tree by: Shel Silverstein

15. Don't Laugh at Me illustrated by: Glin Dibly

16. Elmer by: David McKee

17. The Very Hungry Caterpillar by: Eric Carle

18. Arrow to the Sun by: McDermott

19. Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are? by: Dr. Seuss

20. Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus by: Mo Williams

21. Frog and Toad are Friends by: Arnold Lobel

22. Animalia by: Graeme Base

23: The Velveteen Rabbit by: Margery Williams

24. Socrates by: Rascal and Gert Bogaerts

25. The Little Engine That Could by: Walter Piper



We will also try to list some of the geographical information we have gained through this project.

Did you know that the fig newton cookie is named after Newton, Massachusetts?

Illinois produces more pumpkins than any other state.

A boat on the Erie Canal is called a barge and was pulled by a mule.

Did you know that Franklin, Tennessee was named after Benjamin Franklin.

Vermont produces the most maple sugar.

New York is called "The Empire State."

Albany is the capital of New York.

Memphis was named after an ancient city in Egypt.

Leeds is a large city in England.

Vermont means green mountains.

Nottingham, England is where Robin Hood lives according to legend.

Latrobe, PA is where the first banana spilt was made, and is where Mr. Rogers, and Arnold Palmer grew up.

Texas us called "the Lonestar State".

Philadelphia was once the capitol of our nation.

Erie is the fourth largest city in Pennsylvania.

Mt. Washington is the highest mountain in New Hampshire.

Corning ,New York is famous for its glass.

Seattle, Washington is home of he Space Needle and Mount Rainer.

Keene, N. H.  is famous for its pumpkin festival.

Holland has lots of boats and canals. Most people ride bicycles.

Gainer County in Tennessee is famous for its tomatoes.

This is the year of the Dog is China.

Baltimore has the oldest zoo in our country.

The first Tootsie Roll was made in Hoboken, New Jersey.

Camelback Mountain in Arizona is named because it looks like a camel taking a nap.



Be sure to check out the sites of some of these authors and illustrators who have already written to us.

We received our very first special delivery from illustrator, Harry Moore.  A big thank you to him for sending us each our very own autographed copy of "Pick a Dad, Any Dad!" "  To find out a little more about him visit his site at: http://www.harrymooredesign.com


We received another special delivery from  author-illustrator, Daniel J. Mahoney.  A big thank you to him for sending us each our copy of "The Perfect Clubhouse" . To find out a little more about him visit his site at: http://www.danieljmahoney.com/



A special thank you to Kathy Wilburn who sent us her book, Rainy Day Cat.  To see more of her art work visit her website at: http://www.kathywilburn.com


We loved Carol Haile's books.  She was so kind to send us three of her titles.  Be sure to visit the website of this author who lives close by in Reading, PA.  http://www.caroljhaile.com


We loved the posters we received from Deborah Grumet.  They provided us with a great deeal of information to discuss and study.  A very special thank you to her for her generosity to our class. 




We loved the coloring pages sent to us from Vince Dorse.  Be sure to check out the special mention he gave our class on his webpage at : http://www.vincedorse.com  (Check on the link to his news page.)


Be sure to visit the website of author-illustrator Jeri Landers.  We loved the book she sent us, and her cards are beautiful.  Be sure to visit her fun art pages too. http://www.hopalonggreetings.com/


We really enjoyed the lesson we learned in Peter and the Silent Siren sent to us by Gigi Morales David.  Be sure to check out her website at: http://www.gigimoralesdavid


Be sure to check out the wonderful art work of Cecily Lang who sent us her book, Pablo's Tree.  Her website is: http://www.cecilylang.com


A very special thank you and hello to Dorthy Kostrum who has been a friend of Mrs. Major's class for several years.



Thank you Rebecca Reed for the wonderful autographed prints.  To see more of her art work visit her site at: http://www.rebecca-reed.com


We loved Monkey Made of Sockies sent to us by Shannon Grissom. We invited our friends in second grade to hear the story too, and we all tried to write our own poems.  To learn more about this book visit: http://www.monkeymadeofsockies.com/index.php


A big thank you to Bumble Bee Productions and Deirdre Mercier for sending us the book, Yesterday We Had A Hurricane.  We loved the book, and learned so much from it.  Check out their website at:www.bumblebeeproductions.com


Thank you Rozanne Williams.  It was so exciting to receive your books and be able to read them ourselves.  Counting money is one of our favorite things to do.   To learn more about Rozanne Williams and her books, visit her website at: http://www.magicbookgarden.com/index.html