Class Schedule



We usually begin each day with religion .  It  is taught as a class for 30 minutes each day, and incorporated throughout our entire day.   The focus of religion in first grade is the beginning of preparation for the sacraments of Holy Eucharist and Reconciliation.  Prayers are learned , and the children are taught to pray the rosary.  


Math is generally 50 minutes each day. This year we will be working to include the PA Common Core standards in our math curriculum.   The main focus is addition and subtraction of numbers to 12 for mastery, and 18 for introductory purposes.  The children are also taught how to add numbers with three addends, as well as the beginning of double digit addition and subtraction.  Problem solving is emphasized, and children are also required to select correct problem solving methods.  Probability, measurement, and money are also introduced.

Language Arts 

At least 2 hours each day is devoted to the various areas in the language arts curriculum.  Spelling, and phonics, and English are all incorporated into the aspect of reading.  The children will cover 10 different themes in reading.  We will be using big books as well as 5 anthologies, as well as practice activity books.

In phonics we will review initial and ending consonant sounds, and work with the long and short vowel sounds.

The children will do creative writing daily.  Sentence composition as well as the different types of sentences will be taught. The children will also learn different styles of creative writing including some poetry.

Contractions and compound words will be taught as part of vocabulary.


The children will work to improve their manuscript handwriting all year with 15 minutes each day given for instruction and practice as part of the language arts.  Please do not attempt to teach your child any cursive writing.  This only makes it more difficult for them to learn the correct method in second grade.


Science is taught for 50 minutes each week.  This time is broken up throughout the week.  Topics are tied to the language arts curriculum.

Social Studies

Social Studies is taught for 50 minutes each week.  This time is broken up throughout the week.  Topics are tied to the language arts curriculum.


The children have a gym period once a week.  We will be taking time each day for some type of physical activity.


Art is also taught once a week.   In addition to this  I try to work  art activities into other subject areas as appropriate for learning.


The children visit the school library once a week, during which time they may select a book.  


The children have a computer lesson for 30 minutes in the computer lab once a week.  They will be using the computer in the classroom as well.


The children have music instruction once a week.  I also try to work in music where appropriate in a classroom setting.



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