Enjoy visiting some of our classes favorite author and illustrator sites.  These are just a few of the authors we heard from in past years.


Jan Brett   http://www.janbrett.com

This is one of the children's favorite authors.  Her web page is filled with many coloring and activity sheets as well as information about her books.

Patricia Polacco  http://patriciapolacco.com

Her website is filled with a variety of coloring pages based on her books.

Bruce McMillan  http://www.brucemcmillan.com/FRB_Book043_Rainforest.html

His website is fascinating for children since he has so much about nature and animals in his books.  Pay attention to the special hello he gives our class on his web page.

Lynne Chapman  http://www.lynnechapman.co.uk/

Her site has a wonderful interactive page for children with several contests, and a page which also allows children to submit work to her.

Sue Alexander  http://www.sue-alexander.com/html/home.html

She was the first author to respond to last year's e-mail quest.  I  hope this year's students enjoy visiting her site, and reading her books.

Ashley Wolff  http://www.ashleywolff.com/

Author of "Who Stole the Cookies ..." has a wonderful site with many activities for the children.

Eric Carle  http://www.eric-carle.com/

Another of our very favorite authors has a tremendous web site explaining in detail how he creates his art.

Mem Fox  http://www.memfox.net/

Although we did not hear from this author, I feel her website is definitely worth visiting.

Libby Hathorn  http://www.libbyhathorn.com/lh/index.html

Be sure to visit the "Let's Play" page.  It includes many games and opportunities for the children to try their hand at writing. 

Christopher Cheng  http://www.chrischeng.com/

Be sure to visit his web page, and learn about one of our favorite e-mail pals.  Because of his frequent correspondence with our class we feel he is a close friend. 

Robert Munsch   http://www.robertmunsch.com/

This is another of our favorite authors, and his site allows the children to read stories and to write stories for him.  The children also have the chance to view work done by other students.

Laura Numeroff  http://www.lauranumeroff.com/

Another author whose work appears in our anthology.  Her site has wonderful activities to keep children involved in both reading and writing.

 Alice Faye Duncan  http://www.alicefayeduncan.com/

Read about this author who sent us each a copy of her book, "Miss Viola and Uncle Ed."  She is truly a person who shares the mission Jesus presented to each of us.

Kevin Kammeraad  http://www.tomatocollection.com/

His site has several coloring sheets and an opportunity for children to submit poems to him.

Mercer Meyer  http://www.littlecritter.com/

A wonderful site filled with "Little Critter" activity pages, music, and stories.  This page will keep children entertained for hours.

Rainey  http://www.dreamdog.com

This author of "Monsters in Your Bed...Monsters in Your Head"  has a site with a sample cd based on this book, music, and coloring pages that will encourage children to use their imaginations.

Gary Harbo  http://www.garyharbo.com/

This author/illustrator's page gives step by step directions for drawing his characters.  This is a real hit with the students.


Nancy Carlson  http://www.nancycarlson.com/

Another author/illustrator who provides step by step directions for drawing some of her book characters.  

Mark Hicks  http://www.illustrationboard.com/index.html

Although Mark Hicks is primarily an illustrator the children will certainly enjoy a visit to his kids pages.  Teachers too will enjoy the clip art he has available for use on his site.

Joan Holub  http://www.joanholub.com/

Her site allows you to learn about her many books, and provides activities that are associated with each book.  Be sure to click on her "100 days link."

Kenn Nesbitt  http://www.poetry4kids.com/

As the link suggests a wonderful site filled with children's poetry, and help on writing poetry.

Laura Regan  http://www.lauraregan.com/

The children will love her wildlife pictures.  Be sure that they check out the coloring pages also.

Korky Paul  http://www.korkypaul.com/

Don't miss the site of this author from Oxford.  He sent our class an autographed poster, and the envelope in which it arrived was as much of a treat as the poster.

Josephine Nobisso  http://www.gingerbreadbooks.com/

Read about her wonderful books that will help children deal especially with the death of loved ones.  Her site also contains links to the illustrators of her books.

Jerry Pallotta  http://www.alphabetman.com

A wonderful reference to all his books, which quickly become a hit with first grade students.  His books serve as a wonderful introduction to the children creating their own alphabet books.

Kathy Ross  http://www.kathyross.com/

If you love crafts  - this is the site for you.  In addition to descriptions of her books, there are many simple crafts with detailed descriptions given right on the web page.