We've Had 100 Days of Fun at School


Alyssa presents a bouquet of 100 lollipops.                                       Caden did a 100 piece puszzle.


Emily created a poster with 100 kisses.                                  Emily shows us 100 pictures of herself.


Cody displays 100 beads spelling the initials of our school .          Jocelyn is proud of her 100 marshmallow fire.


Alyssa displays a bridge of 100 rocks.                                          Morgan wants us to learn 100 words.


We know that Jonathan's 100 pennies make $1.00.                      Nick, our animal expert, displays 100 animals.


Nick N. shows us his display of 100 animals.                                  Nick S. hass 100 pieces of his favorite cereal.


Ryan has 100 buttons on display.                             Samantha lists one hundread people she loves.


Ryan displays 100 fish.                                             Jacob has 100 fish of a different kind.


Alex has 100 words that describe himself.               Vincent must have been busy chewing 100 pieces of gum.


                                                                            Christian is very proud of his toolbox made from 100 tongue depressors.