2011 - 2012 EMAIL PROJECT

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        This year's author - illustrator email project is well underway.

Since we are focusing on the theme "All American Students" we are asking our author and illustrator friends to let us know something about  what makes their state special.

Of course we are always thrilled to hear from an author and illustrator from another country.  
This really expands our knowledge of the world around us.  

So far we have hear from 16 different authors and illustrators in 11 different states.  We have also heard from an author in England, and  Australia.

We also received a very special delivery from  Deborah Diesen.  Be sure to visit her website  at: http://www.deborahdiesen.com/

Victoria and Vincent show us the book and bookmarks we received fromDeborah Diesen.

Most importantly we are reminded that "A BOOK A DAY KEEPS THE POUT-POUTS AWAY!"


              Victoria is dressed perfectly to show the Pinkalicious poster we received from Victoria Kann.
                                                                 We all want to say a very big thank you to
                                                    Victoria Kann for sending everyone in our room a poster.

                                                                                                           Be sure to visit her website at: http://thinkpinkalicious.com

A special thank you to Iza Trapani for the wonderful and informative letter and CD she sent to our class.  Be sure to visit her website to learn more about her.      iza@izatrapani.com